February 17, 2014

Los Gatos Park


dodeqaa Polyhedra said...

Hello Nathan,

Great work! Your sketches bring me places man, thank you for sharing!

I really want to see the Angeles Forest now, it looks like a beautiful place.

Could I ask if you could give any advice on how you manage the amount of water you use in your paints?

Nathan Fowkes said...

Thanks DP. I do go easy on the water because my last strokes of thick paint tend to be dry brushed. So my initial washes are scumbled on so that they'll dry quickly. Good luck!

dodeqaa Polyhedra said...

Its great advice Nathan, I'm having more control with the layers not mixing up together so much.

Thank you for your generosity Nathan!

Kev's Art said...

I've just discovered your blog via Rob Adams' blog. I love the economy and freshness of your pictures, they are an absolute pleasure to look at. You have a very distinctive style which is full of impact. Congratulations!